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23 Problems All WOGs Will Understand

Are you full yet? Here, eat some more souvlaki

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1. 99% of your diet consists of Barbecued meat


2. However the phrase "I'm full" doesn't exist in your family


3. Which is problematic because every family meal could feed a small country

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4. So you end up eating leftovers for longer than anyone should have to put up with

5. Family members only have two volumes, loud and louder


6. And there is no such thing as a conversation, only an argument

7. But these arguments contain absolutely no sense of logic or reason

8. Your parents thoroughly interrogate every friend you bring home


9. Arriving at someone's house without food is not an option


10. You have been shaving since you were 12

11. This isn't always gender specific


12. The slightest increase in temperature makes you sweat like someone doing a bikram yoga class in the Sahara Desert


13. Your parents make you feel guilty every time you go out

14. And they must know every last detail about your plans for the night

15. No one in your family can keep a secret for more than 5 seconds


16. Trash talking friends and family is encouraged


17. Embarrassing home videos make regular appearances at family gatherings

18. And family gatherings are often mistaken for block parties


19. Or riots

20. Asking for the remote control might start World War 3


21. Every family game night almost results in a death or two

22. Especially when you play Monopoly, because everyone is a small business owner and wants to assert financial dominance over their relatives

23. Unfortunately Windex does not fix everything

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