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What's The Worst Vacation Experience You've Had With A Significant Other?

Depart in love, come back single.

In theory, a couples vacation should be an escape for you and your S.O. that allows you to bond and unwind.

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In theory, that is.

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There's something about being forced to spend all your time in close quarters with someone you love — all while navigating a foreign environment — that tends to make you unravel.

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So tell us about a time you went on vacation with your significant other and things went awry.

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Maybe you got kicked off a flight after your partner downed five complimentary white wines and started singing along to the Disney musical playing on the seat-back TV.

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Perhaps your girlfriend decided to tell you that things "just aren't working out" while you were halfway up the stairs of the Eiffel Tower.

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Or maybe your boyfriend decided to "immerse himself in the local culture" by immersing himself in a woman he met at a bar.

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Tell us about your couples vacation that took a turn for the worse in the comments below — and be sure to give us all the juicy details. You may be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!