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    17 Engaging, But Easy-To-Watch Shows To Binge While You're Quarantined At Home

    It really is the Golden Age of television.

    1. Flirty Dancing

    Fox / Via Hulu

    You've probably heard of it, but have you actually watched it? These couples perform a choreographed dance routine as a first date, without getting to talk to each other first. If that sounds surreal, trust me — it is. You can stream Flirty Dancing on Hulu.

    2. Zomboat!

    ITV / Via Hulu

    They're trying to escape zombies. On a boat. Hence, Zomboat. Delightfully straightforward, in my opinion. Also, the "confined to a small space to escape contagion" concept is high-key relatable right now. You can stream Zomboat! on Hulu.

    3. The Only Way Is Essex

    IVT2 / Via Hulu

    Everything is better with a British accent — including reality shows about rich people being rich. The best part is that some of the scenes are scripted (the show is up front about this), which takes an already ridiculous show and sends it over the top. You can stream The Only Way Is Essex on Hulu.

    4. Wynonna Earp

    Syfy / Via Netflix

    If you're a queer girl, you've seen this in your Netflix recommendations — and for good reason. Katherine Barrell in a sheriff uniform is gonna get us through this quarantine, amirite? Anyone else can definitely enjoy it, though, if they're into the idea of a campy western with a supernatural twist. You can stream Wynonna Earp on Netflix.

    5. GRΣΣK

    ABC Family / Via Hulu

    Maybe I'm alone in having a weakness for shows and movies that play up every single stereotype about the different kinds of people and activities on college campuses. But if you wanna see the blondest of sorority girls and the reddest of Solo cups, add this one to your Hulu queue.

    6. Instant Hotel

    Seven Network / Via Netflix

    Four pairs of homeowners compete to see who does the best job turning their house into a hotel — that the other pairs then stay in as guests. Just when you thought reality TV had gotten too formulaic, here comes this show, which — bonus — is set in Australia. You can stream Instant Hotel on Netflix.

    7. Being Erica

    CBC / Via Hulu

    Erica's therapist finds a way to send her back in time to fix her life's regrets. Never mind the ripple effect that would result from changing the past — in this show, altering Erica's history affects only her life, and it always works out for the best. Suspend your disbelief — or don't. It's fun to watch either way. You can stream Being Erica on Hulu.

    8. Mystery Science Theater 3000


    As is the case with all the greatest TV shows, MST3K is a hot mess that defies explanation. It's a comedy show, but it's got a Star Trek vibe, but also a Ridiculousness vibe. Just go check it out for yourself on Netflix.

    9. Ghost Adventures

    Travel Channel / Via Hulu

    You can believe in ghosts and still very much doubt the authenticity of this show. I mean, when the hunters stop in their tracks and say, "Wait... I just felt something," for the 10th time, you kinda wonder if they're fudging. Honestly, though, that's what makes it so entertaining. You can binge hours of Ghost Adventures' blatantly staged spooks on Hulu.

    10. The Librarians

    TNT / Via Hulu

    So imagine for a sec that there's a library of magical secrets, and an evil brotherhood is trying to kill all its librarians in an attempt to steal the magic. Well, you don't have to imagine, because it's the plot of this actual series that you can stream on Hulu right now.

    11. Shrek's Swamp Stories

    DreamWorks / Via Netflix

    The Shrek film trilogy was iconic when we were kids, and the 2008 TV spin-off is just as fantastically wild. I forgot that this show ever came out, but having recently rewatched it, I can say confidently that I'm just really glad it exists. You can stream Shrek's Swamp Stories on Netflix.

    12. Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?

    Investigation Discovery / Via Hulu

    The great thing about this show is that it acts out all the stories that people share of their estranged spouses. Like, there are more re-enactments than actual interviews. It's like if a high school drama class put on a play of their teacher's divorce, which, TBH, I'd watch in an instant. You can stream Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry? on Hulu.

    13. 10 Things I Hate About You

    ABC Family / Via Hulu

    A classic high school movie and a teen show with forced dialogue had a baby, and it's this! But that's part of the charm. Cue run-down starter car arriving at a California school to the tune of a mid-aughts Top 40 hit. You can stream 10 Things I Hate About You on Hulu.

    14. Reba

    The WB / Via Hulu

    It's Yeehaw Lite! Watch this early-'00s camp-tastic sitcom to add some wholesomeness to your life. When this pandemic has passed, we can go back to our prestige dramas and cult comedies, but right now, this is the exact kinda content we need on our screens. You can stream Reba on Hulu.

    15. Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas

    NBC / Via Hulu

    I'm truly astounded that they managed to take something with a movie timeline and stretch it out into a four-episode series. Thank god they did, frankly, because now we get four times the casinos, stretch limos, exotic dancers, and Elvis impersonators. You can stream Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas on Hulu.

    16. Hart of Dixie

    The CW / Via Netflix

    If people recycled their trash as consistently as the Hallmark Channel and Netflix recycle the "city girl moves to the country to learn what matters in life" plot, we'd put a dent in global warming. Here's yet another iteration, wherein a high-achieving NYC medical resident is forced to practice medicine in small-town Alabama for a year. Eat it up. You can stream Hart of Dixie on Netflix.

    17. Dead Like Me

    Showtime / Via Hulu

    This show is truly as wild as it gets: An 18-year-old girl dies upon being struck by a toilet seat that falls from the sky, causing her to become a grim reaper responsible for taking other people's lives. Don't try to make sense of it — just lean into the chaos. You can stream Dead Like Me on Hulu.