This Is What A Handwritten Novel By Neil Gaiman Looks Like

    See the original drafts of American Gods, Stardust, and The Graveyard Book, via The Art of Neil Gaiman.

    Neil Gaiman started writing his novels longhand in the '90s.

    He told BuzzFeed: "I started with Stardust: It was (in my head) being written in the 1920s, so I bought a fountain pen and a big notebook and wrote it by hand to find out how writing by hand changed my head."


    "And it did, it really did. I was sparser, I would think my way through a sentence further, I would write less, in a good way. And when I typed it up, it became a very real second draft – things would vanish or change. I discovered that I enjoyed messing about with fountain pens, I even liked the scritchy noise the pen nib made on the paper.

    "So I kept doing it. Sandman: Dream Hunters and American Gods and Anansi Boys and The Graveyard Book were all written by hand. The last two-thirds of Coraline was also written by hand."

    All the notebooks are in his house in the woods of Wisconsin. They're in tubs in the attic, on a shelf in the study. I found them when I was writing The Art of Neil Gaiman.

    Here's what a handwritten novel by Neil Gaiman looks like.

    The Graveyard Book

    American Gods


    "How to Talk to Girls at Parties", a short story

    "Other People", a short story

    "Orphee", a poem

    "Snow Glass Apples", a short story

    The Art of Neil Gaiman is out now in paperback from HarperCollins.