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5 June Is Dead Duck Day – Please Observe A Moment Of Silence

Today we honour the 20th anniversary of the first duck to fall victim to homosexual necrophilia.

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On this day in 1995 at 5:55pm, the duck collided with the glass windows of a new wing of the Natural History Museum in Rotterdam.


He died on impact and slid swiftly to the ground beneath, where his corpse was then raped repeatedly by a fellow male duck.

The day the duck slammed into his glass office building, Moeliker's life changed. He made a scientific discovery.

He won an Ig Nobel Prize and did a TED Talk about it 18 years later.

So each year, Moeliker takes the stuffed duck out of his box and commemorates the first recorded instance of homosexual necrophilia in the species.

Jaap van Leeuwen and Garry Bakker / Via

(First RECORDED. Those mallards are known for their sexual crimes, and the females have evolved a way of thwarting their gross advances by having complicated vaginas.)

If you're in Rotterdam you can join the public display of remembrance at the scene of the incident at 5:55pm, the moment of impact.

Jaap van Leeuwen and Garry Bakker / Via

Dead Duck Day not only commemorates the dramatic death of a duck who had worse things coming, it also highlights the plight of billions of other birds who smash headlong into windows on a yearly basis.

You can then join the staff for a six-course duck-based dinner at a restaurant around the corner. Reservations can be made through the Natural History Museum website.

H/T Carla Valentine and her blog, The Chick and the Dead.


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