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    Scientists Discover New Species Of Bat That's Actually Been In Their Collection Since 1983

    It was in a jar in London's Natural History Museum all along.

    Scientists in London have discovered a whole new species of bat, just in time for Halloween.

    The Natural History Museum has a massive collection of things in jars, known as the Spirit Collection, away from the main hall.

    This newly discovered tiny bat is one of those specimens.

    Since Francis’s Woolly Horseshoe Bat is tiny, and bat bones are typically very thin and fragile, scientists put it in the CT scanner to get a better idea of what it was without touching it.

    Researchers also discovered this bizarre-faced bat, a subspecies of Francis’s Woolly Horseshoe Bat, in the jungles of Thailand, as opposed to a jar on a shelf.

    New species of animals are being found all the time – especially insects and fish – but to find a new mammal is a rare thing.