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    A Mouse Has Died Inside A 155-Year-Old Mousetrap In A Museum Exhibit

    RIP, mouse.

    A freshly dead mouse has been found inside a mousetrap so old it is literally a museum exhibit.

    The mouse snuck past security, exterior doors, and thousands of objects in the museum, before it found the one thing that was designed to kill it 155 years ago. It then squeezed between the bars and died.

    According to an email from the assistant curator to staff at The Museum of Rural Life at the University of Reading, the dead mouse “was not described as being there on the database” in the listing description for the long-retired trap.

    If we could interview the mouse and ask him why he did it, we would probably learn the meaning of life. But we soldier on into the void, ever clueless.

    What did he know that we don’t?

    H/T 155-year old mouse trap claims its latest victim, with thanks to Nick Booth.

    The Museum of Rural Life is currently closed for redevelopment.