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Harry Shearer's Podcast "Le Show" Is The Hangover Cure You Need

Let the voice of dozens of Simpsons characters soothe your addled brain.

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If you choose an old episode, you basically just get to hear Harry Shearer reading old newspapers aloud, alone in a room.

The Simpsons / 20th Century Fox / Via

Sometimes you can hear him scrolling with his mouse, clicking browser windows. Audibly shuffling newspapers around in his studio.

Here's a scientific fact: it's plain soothing to hear all the Simpsons voices at once read you months-old news. Because you know how this all ends.

The Simpsons / 20th Century Fox / Via

Just like you know what will happen if you agree to karaoke, or follow a hippy to a second location.


Bask and moan! as Shearer's "News of the Warm" washes over you – all the new stories that you forgot to read about global warming.


FOR EXAMPLE: Here's Shearer broadcasting from a hotel room in London two years ago, reading a public apology about an affair with former Democratic presidential candidate, John Edwards, and a story about formaldehyde in baby shampoo.

No more tears.

And in this one there's a story about how you can use whatever name you like, real or fake, on Google+.

What a relief.

Obviously you can listen to new episodes because they're equally great, BUT their effects on hangovers are disputed by self-appointed BuzzFeed hangover scientists. Find solace in shit that no longer matters.