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12 Bleak Photos Left Behind On A Cruise Ship In The 90s

A supposedly fun thing this photographer will apparently do again.

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"They were prints that I found still hanging, unsold, in the photo gallery," he tells BuzzFeed. "I'd run around at the end of each cruise and pick out any that caught my eye."


Instead, he came home with these photos.

"I'd dread having to go from table to table in the restaurant trying to persuade people to stop eating their meal, shuffle around, and pose for pictures."


"We also did dress-up shots where one of us would run around dressed as a pirate or a viking to pose for pictures with the passengers. They were the biggest sellers. Sambuca got me through all that."

"Other costume shots I had to do down the years included being a clown (no idea why), a grizzly bear, a lumberjack (both in Alaska), a penguin (in the Caribbean?!), Popeye, and Prince Charming on a gay cruise."

"We worked long hours, seven days a week, shooting and developing the pictures by hand before selling them in the onboard photo gallery. The longest stint I did was 14 months without a day off."


"Not getting any mail on the turnaround day in Miami was a heartbreaker."

"In 1997, after eight years working on 15 different ships, four of them twice or more, I was ready to have a go at life in the real world."


"But I did go on a crew reunion cruise in the Caribbean in 2007."

"Even the photographers looked like they knew what they were doing."