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4 Epic Seattle Workspaces That Will Make You Jealous

Seattle has got it all; the home of Pike Place Market (and it’s delicious local food), beautiful ocean views, the Space Needle, and the leaders in technology. When you’re busy being envious of the variety of outdoor activities available to Seattleites, you’re even more peeved that their work environments are just as gorgeous as the view. Not to pour salt in the wound, but the offices of these four workspaces are surely a sight to behold. Take inspiration from these four companies and cross your fingers that they accept the resume you’re about to submit:

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1. Facebook Offices in South Lake Union, Seattle, Washington

Abraham Williams / Via Flickr: 4braham

This social media giant is no stranger to the spotlight when it comes to glamorous offices. For years, Facebook has been complimented on their ability to weave functionality and form into harmonious offices across the US. Their Menlo Park offices boast an open floor plan, the largest in the world in fact. Their thousands of employees can work in groups or individually as projects require. The Seattle office has an unforgettable roof top deck and cozy seating for those afternoons sitting in the sunshine or admiring the clouds as they pass by. Facebook is notorious for having one of the best snack collections, complete with candy, treats and savory bites. All of your snack cravings at work will be demolished (we recommend mixing your cereal for the best effect).

2. ATLAS Workbase in Queen Anne, Seattle, Washington

ATLAS Workbase / Via

This modern workspace is designed to serve multiple businesses in a shared space. It’s a unique approach that feels ahead of its time, encouraging spacious floor plans sprinkled with meeting halls and private conference rooms. Whether you like to sit or stand, walk or talk, ATLAS is a beautifully diverse office that will meet all of your needs. Did we mention they have a rotating snack dispenser and unlimited coffee, tea, and refreshments? Don’t forget to take a break while gazing out the window at your view of the Space Needle. It’s the perfect visual therapy for those long days working on projects.

3. Google Offices in Kirkland, Washington

Geekwire / Via

Looking for a diverse and artistically inspired atmosphere to work in? Google has perfected the multi-dimensional look and feel of a structural wonderland, providing nests (small work areas similar to teepees) and segmented offices ideal for group work. As you move from meeting to meeting, the changing designs will make every step an experience in visual delight. Not only are the interiors artful, but the green roof and outdoor seating are perfect for adding to the ambiance of such a large campus. Your new favorite snacks also await in the Android themed buffet, complete with desserts in line with every Android update (gingerbread, honeycomb, and more).

4. Microsoft in Redmond, Washington

Ayoleol / Via

If Seattle is known for anything, it is being the home of Microsoft. Stepping onto the campus of this tech giant is more like being welcomed into a new town; there is literally anything you could ever need. With multiple buildings and cafeterias, as well as coffee stands and snack bars galore, you could easily walk 2 miles just going from a meeting to your lunch break. The outdoor promenades have fountains and art installations, making break time relaxing and rejuvenating for tired eyes. If you’re looking for a social and spacious office, Microsoft is the perfect choice. It’s almost like stepping back into your college days, but without the embarrassing students wearing pajamas.

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