Are You More DJ Khaled Or Chef Dee?

The key to more success is definitely this quiz.

    1. Egg whites and toast
    2. Spinach, ham, and cheese omelet
    3. Poached eggs with orange juice
    4. Eggs Benedict
    1. Bulldog
    2. Pitbull
    1. Pug
    2. Via Thinkstock
    1. Jet skiing on the road to success
    2. Cooking up a storm in da kitchen
    3. Reading
    4. Out on the town
    1. Church
    2. Via Thinkstock
      In my garden with my lion
    1. Home
    2. Finga Licking (Miami location)
    1. The government
    2. The patriarchy
    3. Your parents
    4. Yourself

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