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Wondering Why Trump Changed His Mind About Bombing Iran? You Are Not Alone.

In the hours since the president nixed a strike on Iran at the last minute, no fewer than five different explanations have come out for the choice.

Hayes Brown • 4 days ago

Egypt's First Democratically Elected President Has Died After Fainting In Court

Mohamed Morsi, 67, was elected in 2012 in the aftermath of the Arab Spring and was ousted during a coup a year later.

Hayes Brown • 8 days ago

The Creator Of HBO's "Chernobyl" Would Love If You Stopped Taking Nuclear Disaster Selfies

"Comport yourself with respect for all who suffered and sacrifice," Craig Mazin subtweeted the tourists visiting the Ukrainian disaster site.

Hayes Brown • 14 days ago

A Rússia prendeu um jornalista investigativo por porte de drogas. Agora ele será solto

Depois que os três principais jornais de negócios da Rússia publicaram primeiras páginas idênticas em protesto, o governo russo retirou as acusações contra o jornalista Ivan Golunov.

Hayes Brown • 14 days ago

Russia Has Dropped All Charges Against An Investigative Journalist After A Massive Outcry

After Russia’s three major business newspapers all published identical front pages in protest, the government said the charges against journalist Ivan Golunov were being dropped.

Hayes Brown • 14 days ago

Russian Police Arrested And Allegedly Beat A Russian Investigative Journalist

Police claim to have found illegal drugs in Ivan Golunov's Moscow home. His editors at Meduza say that he believes they were planted by the police.

Hayes Brown • 18 days ago

Trump Has Pardoned A Former Soldier Convicted Of Murdering An Iraqi Prisoner

Michael Behenna was 24 in 2008 when he killed an Iraqi during an impromptu interrogation. Oklahoma officials have been pushing to clear his record for years.

Hayes Brown • One month ago

An Iranian Boxer Won Her First Official Match. Now She Says She Can't Go Back Home.

Iranian boxer Sadaf Khadem told French sports magazine L'Equipe that she thinks she'll face "interrogations by the morality police and security services" as well if she returns.

Hayes Brown • 2 months ago

These Banners Backing Jon Snow's Battle Against The Army Of The Dead Are Amazing

"The elders of Beirut support Jon Snow in his war against the White Walkers," one banner hanging in Beirut read.

Hayes Brown • 2 months ago

Justin Trudeau Used To Make People Go 😍 — Now It’s More Like 😬

One recent opinion poll had the Canadian prime minister with a lower approval rating than Donald Trump. How did this happen?

Hayes Brown • 2 months ago

He Plays A President On TV. Now He Wants To Be The Real Deal.

Welcome to Ukraine, where an actor who played the president on TV is leading the polls and the actual president is slugging it out with a former prime minister for second place.

Hayes Brown • 2 months ago

Venezuelan Journalist Luis Carlos Díaz Was Detained After Reporting On His Country's Blackout

Venezuelan journalist Luis Carlos Díaz has reportedly been detained by the local intelligence service after members of the regime accused him of being part of a US plot.

Hayes Brown • 3 months ago

Brazil's President Tweeted Amateur Golden Shower Porn Then Asked What A Golden Shower Is

Jair Bolsonaro’s question was directly related to his disdain for Carnaval, the annual festival celebrated with giant street parties.

Hayes Brown • 3 months ago

Google Is Pulling Websites From Searches At Russia's Request

The search giant's decision is the latest example of US tech giants working to stay on foreign countries' good sides.

Hayes Brown • 4 months ago
Hayes Brown • 4 months ago

Trump Has Recognized Venezuela's Opposition Leader As President And Things Are Getting Intense

Juan Guaidó is the 35-year-old head of Venezuela's National Assembly. And now he might wind up being the person charged with ending the country's political crisis.

Hayes Brown • 5 months ago

A Statue With The Saudi Flag Is Being Moved From The World Trade Center's Grounds

The entire art exhibition — a set of statues of giant pieces of candy featuring the G20 members' flags, including Saudi Arabia's — will be moved after being on display for weeks.

Hayes Brown • 5 months ago

Twitter Verified A Russian Government Account In Crimea And Ukraine Is Pissed

“It’s absolutely unacceptable to give so called #Russia’s MFA in occupied #Crimea a blue tick!”

Hayes Brown • 5 months ago

Walls Work, Trump Says After Memeing “Game Of Thrones,” Where A Wall Absolutely Did Not Work

The president has now posted Game of Thrones memes on Twitter and Instagram and sported a huge meme poster at a Cabinet meeting.

Hayes Brown • 5 months ago

John Of God Was Once Hyped By Oprah. Now He's Accused Of Abusing Hundreds Of Women.

More than 200 women have accused Brazil's João de Deus — or John of God — of sexually abusive behavior at his "healing center."

Hayes Brown • 6 months ago