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It Snowed In Russia In July And Here Are The Pictures To Prove It

Stereotypes confirmed.

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This is, contrary to what you might picture in your head, what a summer day in Moscow looks like normally. But that's Moscow — a city just a few degrees of latitude north of London.

And here's the scene in the Russian city of Vorkuta this past Sunday.

I mean, it doesn't get any more stereotypically "Russia" than this, does it?

Vorkuta (Rusija) juče. leptejebo 😦

Vorkuta is, as you may have guessed, located in Siberia.

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But the snowfall was a surprise for locals — average temperatures in July are a balmy 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

@evo4_4ka @HannaMAGreen @KingSuicideRoom Воркута :D

According to one Russian media report, the snow was enough of a surprise that it forced the city to reschedule its Midsummer Festival.

So yeah, Russia is 100% as you pictured it.

5 july 2015, vorkuta (my wife's hometown)

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