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The World's Best Version Of Speed Dating Takes Place In The Niger Desert

It's part beauty contest, part dance-off, and entirely woman-led.

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In the southern Sahara Desert, north of Abalak, Niger, the Wodaabe people hold an annual ceremony called the Gerewol Festival. And it's the best version of speed dating on Earth.

Photograph by Steve Bloom / Via

A Wodaabe man wearing makeup at sunrise for the Gerewol Festival in Niger.

What makes the Gerewol Festival so great is that it's matriarchal in nature: The women are in charge. "It's the most wonderful beauty contest where the men make themselves as attractive as possible," photographer Steve Bloom explained to the BBC.

"They put on elaborate makeup, they open their eyes as wide as they can, they make their teeth as white as they can, and they take part in a dance," Bloom said. "And the women come out and choose the most attractive man."

Nobody dares call the Wodaabe unmanly for taking part in the ceremony. "These are macho warriors in Africa who are fighting men and there's this complete transformation where they make themselves as beautiful as possible," Bloom said.

"Symmetry is very important in the makeup," Bloom said. "They're trying to get perfect symmetry and often have to dance for hours for end, in incredible Saharan heat."

Photograph by Steve Bloom / Via

A Wodaabe tribesman preparing for the Gerewol Festival with his camel.

You can listen to the full BBC interview and see clips of the Wodaabe men dancing here:

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BBC World Service / Via

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