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The U.S. Plan For Americans Stranded In Nepal — Airport Shuttle Buses

There's currently no plan to evacuate citizens on the military flights delivering aid to the earthquake victims.

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For an unknown number of Americans, though, the airport isn't offering much in the way of options for leaving the country.

My pal @modernhiker is in Kathmandu, Nepal. From his note it appears the @StateDept needs a better evac plan.

There are currently no plans to evacuate those Americans from Nepal using the flights bringing in U.S. assistance, a State Department spokesperson said on Monday.


"The airport remains open," Jeffrey Rathke, head of the State Department's press office, told reporters on Monday. "We understand that many U.S. citizens are departing on commercial flights. We are assisting American citizens there with flight arrangements."

"We have also been providing shuttle service to the airport, given the very difficult conditions," he continued, adding that he did not have further details to add.

A Pentagon spokesperson told BuzzFeed News that the U.S. military has been authorized to evacuate American citizens from Nepal who have been injured, but did not say whether the same would be true for uninjured Americans.

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The government of Nepal also hasn't yet officially requested assistance from the U.S. military, U.S. Pacific Command spokesperson Maj. Dave Eastburn told BuzzFeed News.


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