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The Egyptian Army's Orchestra Just Murdered Russia's National Anthem

It’s unclear whether they’d ever heard it before playing it Monday for Russian President Vladimir Putin during his visit.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Egypt for the first time in a decade on Monday. And Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and the rest of his government were very excited.

They pulled out all the stops in their preparations for Putin to arrive and show them what a Real Leader can do, maybe finally seal the military hardware deal that's been discussed for years.

Egypt's state-owned al-Ahram newspaper: "Putin, hero of our time."


Egypt's state-owned al-Ahram newspaper: "Putin, hero of our time."

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Before we inflict the horror upon you, here's how the song is supposed to sound, as performed by the Red Army Choir in 2013.

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And now here's the version that Putin got to experience on Monday. Here's a fun game: see how long you can listen to this trainwreck before going to drink an entire bottle of vodka.

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