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The President Of Rwanda's Subtweet Game Is Insanely On Point

He's running for a third term and the U.S. isn't a fan.

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Paul Kagame has been the president of Rwanda for 15 years now and after much speculation announced on Friday that he'd be running for a third term.

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Before becoming president, Kagame spent time as vice-president and defense minister of the country, helping rebuild after the 1994 genocide, which he helped stop as a rebel commander.

Last month, Rwandan voters approved a referendum that stripped away the two-term limit that had been in place for the presidency, clearing the way for Kagame's run.

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Kagame's time in office has been marked with relative stability and growth — minus some meddling in the affairs of his neighbors and allegations of repression. The U.S. and other countries have criticized the move toward a third term, with State Department spokesperson John Kirby issuing a statement saying that the United States was "deeply disappointed."

But the referendum passed with 90% of Rwandans who voted supporting it, so Kagame reacted as all right-thinking people do in this day and age: He took to Twitter and subtweeted the hell out of America.

So,...'diappointing?' as a people and a leader/choices?? Uhhm hurts!!! I promise we don't intend to disappoint..esp ourselves!!!


Africa's problems; poverty,disease, gov'nce,techn ...etc etc will not easily be solved by what is behind this 'deep disappt...' attitude !!!

There are quite many very disappointing things happening across the globe we hope to carry our own burden and not be others' burden...!!!

The official State Department account on Twitter has yet to react to these sick burns — BuzzFeed News will be monitoring its Facebook page, though, for vague status updates that may or may not be directed towards Kagame.

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