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Here's A Bunch Of Pictures Of Fidel Castro Chilling In New York City

Before he was the repressive dictator scorned by the American public, he was just another tourist.

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One of the side effects of the travel ban on Cuba, parts of which were modified on Wednesday, is that former Cuban premier Fidel Castro hasn't been able to visit the country outside of trips to the United Nations in decades.

But he wasn't always a repressive dictator scorned by the American public. In fact, just four months after his takeover of Cuba in 1959, Castro visited New York City. And he had an awesome time.

Carl Gossett/New York Times Co. / Via Getty Images

According to the New York Daily News, he "hired a public relations firm, ate hot dogs, kissed ladies like a rock star, and held babies like a politician."


This is Castro hugging some adorable children at the Bronx Zoo.

NY Daily News / Via Getty Images

According to the caption that came with the photo, Castro is hugging Donna Friedman and Lisa Langer. "Castro also fed animals, munched a hot dog and patted a tiger."


This is Fidel Castro with a bunch of children wearing beards.

George Mattson/New York Daily Archive / Via Getty Images

Apparently the children attended a Queens school with his son, who was secretly living in the U.S. while his father was leading the Cuban Revolution.

In case you've forgotten, 55 years, several assassination attempts, and numerous years of denouncing America — which he once called "a vulture...feeding on humanity" – this is what he looks like now.

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