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Watch British Fighter Jets Escort A Russian Bomber — On Video Filmed Inside The Russian Plane

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This is the Russian Tupolev Tu-95, also known as the Bear, a long-range strategic bomber. On Wednesday, Britain's Royal Air Force scrambled jets to intercept two of them off the coast of Cornwall.

Scanpix Norway / Reuters

A Russian Tupolev Tu-95 photographed by the Norwegian Air Force in International waters outside the coast of Norway in 2007

In a fascinating bit of trolling, Zvezda, the Russian Defense Ministry's own TV channel, published this video claiming to be of the view from inside one of the the bombers as the British jets escort it.

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The British Defense Ministry told the Telegraph that the footage, however, "was not the most recent incident outside British airspace on Wednesday."

The Russian planes that were intercepted on Wednesday never entered the United Kingdom's airspace, but British government officials still weren't pleased about the aircrafts' appearance.

"I suspect what's happening here is that the Russians are trying to make some sort of a point," the New York Times quoted Prime Minister David Cameron as saying, "and I don't think we should dignify it with too much of a response."

Michael Fallon, the British Defense Minister, was less sanguine about the bombers' flight path, recalling Russian bombers also flying over the English Channel two weeks ago. And on Tuesday, British ships escorted a Russian frigate spotted sailing through the English Channel.

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