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    Improv, But Written

    Something a little different for you all. Enjoy!

    Improv, but written
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    Improv, But Written

    Charlie: erm yeah ok so Mel I've been waiting for 3 days now. I don't think they're going to get back to me.

    Melissa: what? Who? What you on about, you?

    Charlie: (sigh) that job I applied for. You know the one, working with trains and that. I would have loved to -

    *Charlie’s phone rings*

    Charlie: OMG it’s them! What do I say?!

    Melissa: pick up the phone you big idiot!

    Charlie: ok, ok, yeah, ok. Hello?

    (Through the phone)

    Amanda: Oh hello. Am I speaking to a Charlie Hudson?

    Charlie: hi yeah that’s me. How are you?

    Amanda: Hi Charlie. I’m very well thank you. My name is Amanda and I’m calling from the repair shop. I’m just letting you know that your bike has been fixed and you can come collect it anytime today.

    Charlie: oh

    Amanda: oh erm ok you don’t sound too happy?

    Charlie: yeah no don’t worry about it. I’ll come and collect it in about an hour’s time. Thank you.

    Amanda: no worries. See you then.

    Charlie: yeah, bye, see you then.

    (To Melissa)

    Charlie: (shouting) why can’t they just ring?!

    (Faces the audience)

    Charlie: for real though, why can’t they just ring?!

    (Laughter from audience.)

    End scene.

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