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    Best Facial Hair In Hawaii Politics - 2014 Primary Edition

    A review over 300 Hawaii political candidates and their online presence by Carmille gathered a lot of important information. It also revealed some exceptional examples of facial hair (and hair in general). Presented in no particular order:

    Carl Stroubel

    Civil Beat / Via

    Profiled in Civil Beat, Carl is an "amusement operator" running for City Council District 4.

    Al Frenzel / Via

    Al Frenzel is a retired Army colonel with over thirty years of military and civil service. He's running for Neighborhood Board 24 (Wai'anae, Makaha, Makua, Ma'ili).

    Nick Nikhilananda

    League of Women Voters Hawaii / Via

    Nick is an active community leader, a former board member and host of AKAKU (Maui Community Television), running to represent East Maui on the Maui County Council.

    Carlton Middleton

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @ElectedOffice

    Carlton is running for Hawaii State Senate District 12. He told Civil Beat: "I can and I will do better and here is how: By getting up out of bed and showing up for work and voting like the voters expect me to."

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