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18 Reasons You Can't Handle Brazil

Think you can handle some Brazil in your life? Maybe you can. But then again...maybe you can't. It's a pretty beautiful/amazing/wonderful/magical/sexy place.

1. Affection

2. The people in Brazil are very attractive.

3. Like, really, really attractive.

4. You can drink booze pretty much anywhere.

5. Cachaça

6. Caipirinha

7. Açaí

8. Acerolas


10. The Samba

11. Oh, and they seriously love soccer.

12. There's tons of beautiful wildlife to see.

13. Also, they have CAPYBARAS.

14. Winter is mild as heck and so enjoyable.

15. The natural beauty throughout Brazil is INSANE.

16. Really, really insane.

17. 60% of Brazil is the friggin' Amazon Rainforest.

18. They have the longest beach in the world.

So, do you think you can handle Brazil? Well, with a fresh pair of Havaianas on your feet, you'll feel right at home.