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How To Survive A Bear Attack

For all those times you were casually strolling and happened upon a bear.

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But only grizzly bears, aka brown bears, will likely buy into this act and leave you alone.

Brown bears are generally more violent and easily riled. However this trick is vital when dealing with this type of bear and can guarantee you're survival unscathed.

Grizzly bears can be escaped with bear spray. It is imperative you don't run or tease.

The best thing to do is stay calm and identify yourself as human.

Bears usually attack because they are starved or startled. They don't want to attack you for kicks. Talk to the bear. Introduce yourself. Let it know you are a human being and not prey.

If there is no means of escape. FIGHT BACK!

This is a last resort option. It is possible to make it out of most encounters with bears. If the bear attacks or if there is no means of escape, you have to fight back. Concentrate on getting blows to the bear's face.

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