22 Things You'll Get If You Don't Quite Know What Your "Thing" Is

    Having no brand is on-brand.

    1. All your friends seem to have a brand, something that makes them unique in the group.

    2. They just have a really specific thing they love that helps define them.

    There's the friend who loves cats. Then maybe you have a friend Joseph, proudly known as the militant socialist who once had a girl throw a drink in his face; and Constance, the group emo.

    3. While you obviously enjoy things, you don't quite have that one obsession that stands out.

    4. You just can't seem to settle on finding the thing that makes you you.

    5. It's hard to tell what kind of person you are just by looking at you.

    6. No one sends you links to cool things they see and says "OMG this reminded me of you!"

    7. And no one ever really knows what to get you as a gift.

    "OMG another bath set? How did you know?" you exclaim as you imagine trying to fit more bottles into your already overflowing bathroom - you haven’t been able to step foot in there in years.

    8. When you actually do find something you love, it seems someone else has already laid claim to it.

    9. You’re constantly hopping between different trends and shortlived obsessions.

    10. You think "Okay, I'm definitely the friend obsessed with musical theatre" or “Maybe l’ll be the friend who always wears all black.”

    But you can't afford an entire new wardrobe and after a while, you really don't feel it in your heart anyway.

    11. And your half-hearted aesthetics aren’t fooling anyone.

    12. You've probably tried using your star sign to form an identity.

    13. Or maybe you've just taken a ton of personality quizzes...

    14. And adding each result to a long list that will one day merge to define your true self.

    15. You desperately want just one thing that pops into someone's mind when they think of you.

    16. You wish people had more to work with when doing impressions of you.

    17. Even something simple like choosing a username can stress you out.

    My health insurance is making me pick a PERMANENT username, that can't identify me, that can never be changed. It's too much pressure.

    18. And you panic when people ask you what your "favourite" something is.

    19. You like to pretend you’re a mysterious enigma.

    20. But that's just a way of covering up the fact you have no identity.

    21. You ask yourself "Do I even have a personality or am I just a human chameleon constantly changing and adapting to those around me?"

    22. But then you realise, maybe not having a thing IS a thing.