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    19 Times Women Were Beautiful And Wholesome And Pure

    "I asked this girl where she got her nails done and she googled the exact address and showed me a pic of the building."


    my best friend n I haven't seen each other in 3 months so we made powerpoint presentations to update each other on our lives


    When a boy compliments me vs when a girl compliments me


    me after having a five minute conversation with a drunk girl im meeting for the first time


    me vs. you bc we both cuties who don't tear other women down


    If a girls asks me for a tampon and I don't have one for her, best believe we bouta search the entire vicinity together to find her a tampon


    i asked this girl where she got her nails done&she googled the exact address & showed me a pic of the building THATS girls supporting girls


    random girl on the elevator just said "u always dress so cool. u have a specific style its really unique" i love women


    There is a group of women getting on my flight and one has a shirt that says “just divorced” and the others have shirts that say “divorce support group” and they are all plastered. Those are the type of friends everyone needs in their life lmao



    Me commenting on my girls photo even though she showed it to me before uploading for approval



    Behind every strong woman is 5 other strong women who proofread her email real quick when they had a second


    You call it eating five boxes of Girl Scout cookies alone. I call it supporting young female entrepreneurs.


    me: *is dead* random girl somewhere in the distance: omg im so ugly me, ready to tell they're beautiful amazing sunflower and i love them:


    the stereotype is that women are catty & unfriendly to each other meanwhile we're making 500 new friends in every bathroom line we stand in


    the girl in front of me in the lecture was watching grey’s anatomy, looked back and saw me staring so she put on the subtitles. girls support girls.


    when you meet other drunk girls in the bathroom and have a heart to heart about how beautiful they are and how they deserve the world


    My grandma is in Mexico taking shots with random girls on the beach and posting pics of it with captions like they're bff's..


    "smell this hand lotion i just got" "taste this cookie dough i just made" "feel how soft this sweater is" GIRLS ARE SO GENEROUS & INSPIRING