19 Times Brits Were The Funniest People On Tumblr

    "The xx" are really just a British band called "The".

    1. This botched conversation:

    2. This commentary on the quality TV we strive to uphold:

    3. On Colin The Caterpillar, a national treasure:

    4. On what defines a good city:

    5. On the false expectations Hollywood has created:

    6. And the things that make us us:

    7. This tireless argument you definitely feel strongly about:

    8. This perfect juxtaposition:

    9. British texting vs British band names:

    10. And our vast range of equally important Harrys:

    11. This depiction of an average night in London:

    12. This defining adolescent moment:

    13. And the ultimate difference between rival supermarkets:

    14. This picture of an incident at Specsavers:

    15. And the reality of The Festive Gooch:

    16. On our exaggerated, well-polished portrayal vs what we're actually like at home:

    17. On what we think of Anglophiles:

    18. On the joy of finally being old enough to buy scissors:

    19. And the epitome of British lad culture: