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17 Times The Cast Of "It's Always Sunny" Threw Shade At The Awards Committee

“It still feels like some sort of high school party that we’re perpetually not invited to.”

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10. So, the gang FINALLY won a People's Choice Award this year.

I guess we won a @peopleschoice award tonight. No one told us and we weren't invited. What a strange and wonderful decade this has been.

11. They weren't informed that this was a thing that was happening.


Charlie Day actually found out the next day when one of his cast mates, who found out online, texted him "Hey, did you know we won an award?"


13. Obviously they don't have much experience with these things, and had no idea what they were supposed to do.

Update: haven't heard anything from anyone associated with the @peopleschoice awards yet. Maybe they just mail it? Maybe it's all a dream...

15. The network, FXX, didn't know they won the award either.


The gang even made a dig at their new network in The Gang Tries Desperately To Win An Award, after moving from FX to FXX, with the line "Maybe it's our location."

16. But they eventually got mailed their award! With no word from the committee whatsoever.