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17 Amazing Tweets About The Jonas Brothers Coming Back

Joe Jonas saying “I dropped my pencil” in "Lovebug" is better than the entire Beatles discography.

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I swear to fucking god the Jonas brothers are where it started for me i used to sit on the floor of the grocery sto…


when Nick Jonas sang “I eat cheese, but only on pizza, please” in Camp Rock the final jam....I was QUIVERING in my…


Burnin up by the Jonas Brothers is a phenomenal song and whoever disagrees is someone i don’t need in my life


high heels (high heels) red dress (red dress!) jonas brother’s might reunite and now I’m stressed


if the jonas brothers rly reuniting i’m gonna need y’all to hype their songs ”hollywood”, ”love bug” and ”when you…


joe jonas saying “I dropped my pencil” in lovebug is better than the entire Beatles discography


“Jonas brothers reunion” is funny bc they’re actual family so a reunion can be like thanksgiving dinner or a world tour


Nick Jonas really had me at 10 years old thinking he was about to drop dead from diabetes at any given moment


the jonas brothers is trending..idk of its 2009 or the year 3000 i’m confused but im here for it!!


*Jonas Brothers reunion rumors* me:


y’all if the jonas brothers do come back i don’t want new music, i want a WORLDWIDE reunion tour with the ultimate…


If there’s ever actually a jonas brothers reunion tour that better also mean that big rob comes out during burnin’…


What if the Jonas Brothers reunion is just Kevin and that little runty one they never let be on tv


“are you ready for your boyband lessons?” one direction gulped. n’sync nodded. pretty much shuddered. the backs…


more men would’ve liked the jonas brothers if they hadn’t been marketed as a boyband. they have genuine musical tal…


me: honestly i'm over the jonas brothers that was so long ago twitter: the jonas brothers are coming back me:


I mean a Jonas Brothers reunion is bound to happen eventually. A 7th album by the year 3000 isn’t going to write itself!