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    This Cosplayer Dressed As Edna From "The Incredibles" And People Love It

    "Don't talk to me if you're wearing a cape."

    Emma Rubini is a 22-year-old senior in art school who has been cosplaying since 2009.

    Last week, Emma attended Holiday Matsuri, a festive cosplay convention held in Orlando, Florida.

    Now, we all know and love Edna Mode, fashion design extraordinaire of The Incredibles. She just so happens to be one of Emma's favourite Disney characters.

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    So Emma decided to finally dress as Edna, a quick costume she'd been meaning to make for a long time.

    She took some amazing photos with other cosplayers whose costumes included capes, and people on social media fell in love.

    "I think it's really funny that it's this [cosplay] that got so much attention," Emma told BuzzFeed, after the photos went viral on Tumblr.

    She was pleasantly surprised by the reaction she got, "I spend months on cosplays that get only a fraction of the notes."

    Emma, who aspires to work as a costume designer for the theatre, even wants to do a joint Incredibles cosplay with her dad at some point.

    "I'll definitely be wearing this cosplay again sometime," she told BuzzFeed, "it was really fun."

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