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24 Things You'll Remember If You Were A Claire’s Accessories Girl

If it wasn't emo, it wasn't worth it.

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6. In fact, you probably had a matching group charm or friendship bracelet that was stolen from Claire's.

Instagram: @clairesmeadowhall483

This was so rebellious you probably paid for yours and pretended you hadn't, just to fit in.


13. All of this was obviously done in heavy eyeliner and a fringe that covered three quarters of your face.

Instagram: @pronouncedleah

17. Your stance on fake glasses frames could make or break a relationship.

I feel like punching my sister for wearing fake glasses. This is the one time I disagree with the contents of a Claires lucky bag.

20. And wore shag bands even after finding out their meaning.

"@HoopAlot21: #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow about the sex bracelets 😅 " I thought this was only in movies 💀


24. When you finally grew out of Claire's it was impossible to let your reputation go.

if you feel sad just remember my dad bought me a new purse from claire's accessories the other day & it says 'punk princess' on it i'm 18

But you treasure the delightfully embarrassing photos your Claire's days have given you.