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    Posted on Sep 14, 2016

    24 Things You'll Remember If You Were A Claire’s Accessories Girl

    If it wasn't emo, it wasn't worth it.

    1. You made the mistake of getting your ears pierced there.

    Twitter: @TheSamiCone

    And probably ended up with a horrendous infection.

    2. And you thought multipack earrings were a bargain even though they made your piercings green.

    3. You'd go with your friends after school and be kicked out for being too disruptive.

    Twitter: @frenieful

    But you got to brag about your rebellious adventures at school the next day.

    4. You tried on hundreds of triangle keffiyeh scarves.

    5. And had that one friend who would steal a £2.99 item just for kicks.

    Twitter: @bizzleharder

    And gloated about being a badass who got banned from the shopping centre for life.

    6. In fact, you probably had a matching group charm or friendship bracelet that was stolen from Claire's.

    7. And you weren't real besties until you had the Claire's seal of approval.

    8. You easily got addicted to buying Claire's lucky bags.

    Twitter: @kelseagoodman11

    And gifted the things you didn't like to others because you were so kind.

    9. You were obsessed with Coca Cola and Starburst flavoured lip balm.

    10. And bought yourself a quirky pencil case at the end of every half term.

    Twitter: @headcarsbucky

    Accompanied with a swanky David and Goliath stationary kit that claimed that "boyz drool".

    11. You thought striped and checkered sweatbands completed your emo look.

    Twitter: @NotAVampire_

    If it wasn't black and white it had to be hot pink. And preferably have skulls on it.

    12. And were inspired by Avril Lavigne to wear ties on t-shirts.

    13. All of this was obviously done in heavy eyeliner and a fringe that covered three quarters of your face.

    14. You wasted money on nail varnish that would dry up after one use.

    15. Wore bangles that would discolour your skin.

    16. And headbands that were too physically painful to be considered fashionable.

    17. Your stance on fake glasses frames could make or break a relationship.

    I feel like punching my sister for wearing fake glasses. This is the one time I disagree with the contents of a Claires lucky bag.

    18. And you'd buy fake nails and stick them on with blue tack.

    19. You came up with inventive ways to style your multicoloured beads.

    20. And wore shag bands even after finding out their meaning.

    "@HoopAlot21: #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow about the sex bracelets 😅 " I thought this was only in movies 💀

    21. Walking into neon heaven made you feel truly at home.

    22. You thought these spiky ball earrings were super punk.

    23. And often wore odd earrings because you were so random.


    24. When you finally grew out of Claire's it was impossible to let your reputation go.

    if you feel sad just remember my dad bought me a new purse from claire's accessories the other day & it says 'punk princess' on it i'm 18

    But you treasure the delightfully embarrassing photos your Claire's days have given you.

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