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    23 Things You Know If You Don't Have A Basic Name

    "When I saw your name, I thought you were going to be a boy."

    1. You spent years staying strong and adamant that people should learn to pronounce your name.

    2. You've tried butchering your own name to make it a little more pronounceable.

    3. But you eventually got tired and started going by a nickname.

    #GrowingUpWithMyName I introduce myself wit my short name to save the hassle of trying to pronounce my whole name😒

    4. So now you feel weird when your old friends refer to you by your full name.

    5. You always knew you were coming up in the register when the teacher took a long pause.

    6. And you'd do a double take if someone actually got it right on the first try.

    7. When the teacher said your name wrong, the whole class would correct them for you.

    8. This was better than them erupting into laughter when someone mispronounced it.

    9. And teachers would never call on you because they didn't want to say your name.

    10. Introducing yourself to someone new is always hell.

    11. Three repeats is always the limit of the back and forth.

    "What's your name?" Hailey "Katie?" No, Hailey. "Kaylee?" Yeah sure... #growingupwithmyname

    12. After that, either you give up and let them call you whatever.

    "nice to meet you Molly!" Oh actually it's Mallory:) "my apologies Marley" No...Mallory. "Valerie?" ...yep. #GrowingUpWithMyName

    13. Or they give an unconvincing nod and pretend that they've got it

    14. People actually suggest alternate spellings for you.

    15. You feel painfully anxious when your name is going to be called out in front of lots of people.

    #GrowingUpWithMyName having to teach the vice principal how to say my name before graduation so she wouldn't fuck it up 😂

    16. And you never even bother looking for your name on things like this.

    17. Because you're used to the disappointment of every single named item in a souvenir shop.

    As a kid you settled for generic alternatives like "diva" and "lad".

    18. You have to hear the same jokes again and again.

    19. You use a basic name to order from Starbucks because it's not worth getting into a whole thing over.

    20. Because people still manage to spell it wrong when it's written out in front of them.

    It's almost like I don't know how to spell my name so people CHANGE IT WHEN IT'S WRITTEN OUT FOR THEM

    21. And when people hear your unusual name they always ask "where are you from... like originally?"

    22. You probably resented your parents for not giving you an easier name.

    #GrowingUpWithMyName I hate my parents for this

    23. But you've learned to love it over time.