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    21 Things You Know If You Absolutely Hate Having Your Picture Taken

    "That's not my good side... No, that's not my good side either!"

    1. You make weird faces when you're forced to take photos.

    Twitter: @ellz_phillips

    That way it looks like you're trying to look bad on purpose.

    2. You have a tendency to try to hide behind tall people in group shots.

    3. And you despise anyone who looks good in a candid.

    4. You seem to forget how you naturally smile as soon as someone whips out a camera.

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    5. You've been told "you look better in person".


    Gotta love backhanded compliments.

    6. You really want to untag yourself from every photo on social media.


    Your online presence doesn't represent you.

    7. And you have one go-to picture.

    8. You will ruin a photo for your friends with no remorse.

    9. You always offer to take the picture of your group so you don't have to be in it.


    10. But they probably force you to participate anyway, because they can just take a selfie.

    Princess Pictures

    11. You have to take a stupid number of selfies before one can make the cut.

    Twitter: @ibaekyeoli

    But your camera roll is usually severely lacking in them anyway.

    12. Because you haven't figured out your best angles yet.


    And natural lighting is always working against you.

    13. Instagram and Snapchat filters are your best friends.

    But you know deep down that for you, it's all a lie.

    14. And you're grateful for the death of disposable cameras.


    God bless the technology that allows you to immediately delete pictures.

    15. Most existing pictures of you involve you angrily reaching towards the camera or hiding your face in your hands.

    Twitter: @chl0e_7

    A classic failsafe.

    16. Getting a professional photo taken is a horrifying experience.

    20th Television

    Even the photographer is done with you by the end.

    17. Being in the background of strangers' photos fills you with dread.

    Which means you've perfected looking down and pretending you're busy.

    18. And even when you look your best and the mirror is on your side...

    Paramount Pictures

    19. Someone will snap a photo where your friends all look hot and you're sweaty and red-eyed.


    How does the camera KNOW it's your mortal enemy?

    20. You're kind of unsure of what you actually look like.

    Harpo Studios

    "Is that really what I look like?" is basically your catchphrase.

    21. But you know you have the most fun, because you're less worried about taking photos and more into living in the moment.

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