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    Sep 13, 2016

    27 Things That Happened In Every PE Class

    Never forget the sickening smell of adolescent sweat.

    1. Playing parachute games was the highlight of compulsory PE.

    Unfortunately this was exclusively a primary school privilege.

    2. You also got to throw around greying beanbags and pretend hula hooping was a sport.

    3. And half of the class was spent pulling out blue mats that were suspiciously heavy.

    4. Everyone would always wear these shoes. / Creative Commons

    And fight about whether they were called plimsolls or daps.

    5. You were filled with excitement when you went into the hall and saw the climbing frame was out.

    6. And the colour of your bib during benchball determined who your allies and nemeses were for the next hour.

    7. By secondary school, everyone judged everyone else's trainers.

    Touchstone Pictures

    Because when wearing a uniform this was one of the few chances you got to showcase your individuality and social standing.

    8. You had to bring your PE kit in a bag that was trendy.

    9. And remembering to bring it in was the most stressful aspect of your life.

    had proper nightmare last night .on my way to school, forgot my pe kit .then realised it wasn't week b. thank fuck...

    10. Because this wasn't a valid excuse to sit out and you'd end up having to wear something from the manky spare kit box.

    11. The changing rooms were always filled with drama.

    This is where you'd find out who was crushing on who, and there would always be a rumour about a boy sneaking into the girls changing room.

    12. And the girls changing room would always smell of Impulse and Charlie mixed with sweat.

    Twitter: @jeankirschtxin

    It wasn't perfume. It wasn't deodorant. What was its purpose other than to suffocate everyone in the room?

    13. You were really proud when you did a successful forward roll.

    14. Only to be showed up by that one kid who took gymnastics outside of school.


    15. Sports day was either the best or worst day of the year for you.

    Twitter: @olly_barnes2000

    Some people thrived on the spirit of sports day and everyone was grateful for a full day without any classes.

    16. Which is why the egg and spoon race was a blessing for the physically challenged.

    Twitter: @AHPA_Year6

    You probably weren't even trusted with real eggs.

    17. If you had a group of three friends it was always uncomfortable when you had to pair up.

    New Line Cinema

    18. And the order in which you were picked to be on a team was the ultimate test of your secondary school popularity.

    DreamWorks Television

    19. Every class had those show offs who thought they were cool because they took GCSE PE.


    They would form a clique and look down on anyone who couldn't do a perfect pike on the trampoline.

    20. The netball girls and football lads were always teachers pet.

    21. And you were perpetually terrified of getting an earring caught in the trampoline.

    Every school seemed to have that one trampoline with a massive blood stain on it.

    22. Playing rounders was a rare summertime treat.

    23. You either loved it or you and your friends would get disqualified and sit around and chat for an hour.

    24. There was always that one mean teacher who made you play in the rain while they watched under an umbrella.

    Why does our pe teacher feel the need to make us run 5x round the track in the pouring rain??? Like wyd

    25. And they would threaten to make you copy out a PE textbook if you ever dared complain.


    Little did they know that would be preferable for most of you.

    26. Hearing the words "bleep test" made you want to fake your own death.

    27. And by the end of school, you'd perfected writing fake notes to get out of PE.

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