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27 Things That Happened In Every PE Class

Never forget the sickening smell of adolescent sweat.

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7. By secondary school, everyone judged everyone else's trainers.

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Because when wearing a uniform this was one of the few chances you got to showcase your individuality and social standing.

8. You had to bring your PE kit in a bag that was trendy.

9. And remembering to bring it in was the most stressful aspect of your life.

had proper nightmare last night .on my way to school, forgot my pe kit .then realised it wasn't week b. thank fuck...

11. The changing rooms were always filled with drama.

This is where you'd find out who was crushing on who, and there would always be a rumour about a boy sneaking into the girls changing room.

12. And the girls changing room would always smell of Impulse and Charlie mixed with sweat.

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It wasn't perfume. It wasn't deodorant. What was its purpose other than to suffocate everyone in the room?

19. Every class had those show offs who thought they were cool because they took GCSE PE.


They would form a clique and look down on anyone who couldn't do a perfect pike on the trampoline.

24. There was always that one mean teacher who made you play in the rain while they watched under an umbrella.

Why does our pe teacher feel the need to make us run 5x round the track in the pouring rain??? Like wyd

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