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25 Of The Most Ridiculous Moments Of Eurovision 2017

Dancing gorillas and Australian nudity.

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1. The fact that Eurovision's theme this year is "CELEBRATE DIVERSITY" but the hosts were three white men.

BBC / Courtesy of EBU

And the two on the right clearly forgot to mention the sequin dress code to the poor guy on the left.


9. Austria performed with a giant moon that resembled the DreamWorks logo.

Wanna feel old? This is what the Dreamworks kid looks like now. #eurovision

11. And the internet really had fun with the chalkboard she brought along.


14. And Italy's performance was generally just peak Italian.

When you're Italian and singing at #Eurovision #ITA


16. And they kinda looked charmingly similar to a gang of penguins.

Moldova looking like the Penguins of Madagascar #Eurovision

18. Then the Netherlands performed and their backdrop included what may have honestly been a cry for help.

When someone asks how I am doing #Eurovision


20. And obviously it couldn't quite live up to this legendary performance.


25. Which he followed with a really heartwarming rant about the importance of ~feeling~ in music.

"Music is not fireworks, music is feelings" #Eurovision


The performer in 3 were from Romania. An earlier version of this article said they were representing Belgium.