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19 Texts That'll Make You Laugh If Your Mum Ever Messages You

"Poke me back on Facebook."

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1. The opportunistic romantic:

2. The paranoia:

3. The abbreviations:

4. The one who really wants to use trendy words:

5. The untimely typo:

6. The one who always says the right thing:

7. The classic mum question:

8. The daily messages of hope:

9. The overreaction:

10. The unwavering support:

11. The one with the receipts:

12. The one with all the puns:

13. The one who's had enough:

14. The jump to conclusions:

15. The ultimate motherly request:

16. The chicken expert:

17. The extreme misunderstandings:

18. The one that really tried:

19. And the grandma who is the most mum of all:

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