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    25 Items Of Clothing Every Badass Feminist Should Own

    So you don't have to tell every person you meet.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. A T-Shirt for anyone who believe in the strength of girl power.

    2. A "don't tell me to smile" and a "catcallin' ain't cute" T-Shirt for those who are tired of everyday bullshit.

    3. A "girlboss" sweatshirt for women who get things done.

    4. A simple T-Shirt for anyone who believes in the importance of empowering each other.

    5. The classic vintage "girls" apparel rocked by the ladies of Friends.

    6. A minimalist T-Shirt for anyone who wants to free the nipple.

    7. A sweatshirt for any loud and proud ~nasty woman~.

    8. An intersectional feminism T-Shirt for those who believe we're stronger together.

    9. A "votes for women" tee for those wanting to make a political statement.

    10. A women of science T-Shirt for any proud and badass STEM woman.

    11. A Sylvia Plath T-Shirt for the literary ladies.

    12. A statement snapback for anyone done with catering to fragile masculinity.

    13. A bold T-Shirt for anyone who stands for the right to choose.

    14. Or this alternative simple tee to convey the strong message.

    15. A kitten sweatshirt for anyone who is over being catcalled.

    16. A definition of feminism T-Shirt for anyone tired of explaining themselves.

    17. An "I will rescue myself" T-Shirt for anyone who cringes at fairytale endings.

    18. A T-Shirt for those who let their body hair go free.

    19. A cute but powerful T-Shirt for women who give no fucks.

    20. A T-Shirt that advocates the badassery of every woman.

    21. A ~gull power~ T-Shirt for anyone empowered by Beyoncé.

    22. A T-Shirt for any Harry Potter fan who doubles as a patriarchy smashing rebel.

    23. An "intersectional feminist" sweatshirt for anyone who wants people to know what's up.

    24. An embroidered silhouette T-Shirt for anyone who wants to make a subtle statement.

    25. And lastly, a classic sweatshirt essential for any feminist's wardrobe.