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    21 Things You Know Too Well If You're Painfully Quiet

    I'm extroverted in my mind.

    1. At first you might come across as rude or stuck up, but you're just painfully shy.


    2. When you were younger you thought you’d eventually grow out of it.


    Which can mean your friends often think they need to speak up for you.

    3. You're used to people asking you stupid questions.

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    4. You probably got away with everything in school because your teachers thought you were an angel.


    5. But they always had the same critique.

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    6. A side effect of your quietness is that you're really good at reading people.

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    7. People will make annoying comments about you being secretly evil or a genius.

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    You're just an enigma in general.

    8. And some assume you’re incredibly innocent.

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    9. And they wonder why your extroverted friends are even friends with you.

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    10. You genuinely seem to be invisible at times.

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    11. After a large gathering, you're always relieved to be alone again.


    12. When you do try to open up more, you immediately regret it.

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    13. Because the rare thing you do say feels stupid AF.

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    14. Especially when someone speaks over you mid-sentence.

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    15. Sometimes you make a joke to your friend and they loudly repeat it to a large group and take all the credit.

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    16. You have to muster up the courage to speak to strangers.

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    17. But even your voice is against you and no one even hears you.

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    18. You re-create scenarios in your head of how things could've gone differently.

    everyone: omg you're so quiet me in my head: what the FUCK is up kyle no what did you say dude what the FUCK dude step the FUCK up

    19. Because your quietness makes you seem trustworthy, you get all of the juiciest gossip.

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    20. Your closest friends know that you're actually annoyingly chatty when you want to be.


    21. But you are naturally a quiet soul, and that's okay.


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