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    23 Struggles Curly-Haired Girls Know Too Well

    Siri, will my hair cooperate with me today?

    1. You can never plan hairstyles ahead.

    Twitter: @abroad_me

    You can prepare as much as you want, but how it will look in the morning is totally random.

    2. Sometimes you wake up and look like this.

    Twitter: @ursula_fernz

    This is the dream.

    3. But most days you look more like this.

    Twitter: @JadenLRoberts

    And you know this is a day to opt for a ponytail.

    4. You've had people tell you to straighten and re-curl your hair for neater curls.

    20th Century Fox

    5. You probably went through a phase of straightening your fringe.

    6. And if you were really committed you straightened all of your hair.

    Twitter: @akaashikait

    You had to get up an hour earlier than all your friends to achieve this look.

    7. Which ended up looking like this if you didn't check the weather forecast.

    Disney Channel

    8. Sometimes people think it's okay to touch your hair.

    Disney Channel

    9. Or they just really want to pull at your ringlets.


    "It's so cute!"

    10. You can't remember the last time you brushed your dry hair.

    Twitter: @selenabeal11

    People seem to think this is gross until they actually see what would happen if you did.

    11. You've gone through a stupid number of brushes despite this.

    12. And you think that combs are actually a joke.


    13. You go through bobbles at an alarming rate.


    Finding a reasonably strong, stretchy bobble is a miracle.

    14. Sometimes you find a lost bobble wedged in your hair somewhere.

    Paramount Pictures

    15. And you'll go through four bottles of conditioner before you get through one bottle of shampoo.

    people who can finish a shampoo bottle at the same time as conditioner are truly gifted

    16. People often ask you if your hair is natural.

    Twitter: @broodyandrea

    "Okay, did you make it curly?"

    17. And they don't believe you when you tell them you don't use 1,000 products on it.

    Twitter: @andajoh

    This is the only friend you need.

    18. You've tried to experiment with different hairstyles.

    19. And if you've ever cut all of your hair off, you had to go through a very awkward phase while growing it out.

    20th Century Fox

    20. You can never re-create the salon look.

    21. And blow-drying is an actual nightmare.

    Twitter: @becmacneil

    God bless whoever invented a diffuser.

    22. But sometimes, probably on a day you plan on lounging at home, your hair looks luxurious...

    23. And all the selfies you get to take make it worth it.

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