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    21 Rosa Diaz Moments That Are Never Not Iconic

    A badass, a babe, a bicon.

    1. When she had absolutely no time for bullshit:

    2. When she came out to her parents and was utterly unapologetic:

    3. When she was passionate about lifting up other women:

    4. When her innermost thoughts were slightly jarring:

    5. When she hinted at an existential crisis that was entirely too relatable:

    6. When she was loyal and organised because she's not a monster:

    7. When she was willing to put her life on the line for a species more important than our own:

    8. When she knew her own worth, because Rosa Diaz is always right:

    9. When she made this excellent point about the pointlessness of birthdays:

    10. When she was succinct and to the point:

    11. When she had no time for coddling babies:

    12. When she was confident and sure of how much of a catch she is:

    13. When she didn't really get the whole ~crying~ phenomenon:

    14. Like, not even a little:

    15. When her desk space was exactly what you'd expect it to be:

    16. When she proved that she's actually a massive softie:

    17. When she revealed the secret to being as cool as her:

    18. When this is how she dealt with feelings:

    19. When she had no time for pandering but also appreciated the effort:

    20. When she expressed this very reasonable regret:

    21. And when this is how she illustrated her bisexuality: