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21 Times Richard Ayoade's Tweets Were Actually Genius

"I feel like the red carpet question 'who are you wearing?' has Texas Chainsaw undertones."

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1. When he gave the best 50 Shades of Grey review.

2. When he was cautious about maintaining a balance between health and hygiene.

How much deodorant can you safely spray on yourself before it's dangerous?

3. When he said what we were all thinking about One Direction.

I'd like to go on record and say that Zayn is my favourite

4. And when we all believed that he could've saved Zayn.

I feel that if we'd managed to talk we could have kept the band together - but who knows - life is complex

5. When he was so very humble.

John Phillips / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @RichardAyoade

6. When he spoke up for the silenced.

I suppose I feel hayfever is underrepresented in cinema, and particularly in action cinema

7. When he shared his literary insight.

The lack of italics on twitter would've driven J.D. Salinger crazy.

8. And when he celebrated the blessings of the Internet.

Thanks for the kind wishes on this, my Wikipedia birthday

9. When he absolutely nailed Kanye.

John Phillips / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @RichardAyoade

10. When he overthought the social media process.

A year in to this Twitter thing and I'm still not sure that it qualifies as a conversation

11. When he gave us this stellar review of The Martian.

The Martian is the most expensive YouTube tutorial video ever made

12. When he was all of us oversharing on the Internet.

Here's a thought I could've kept to myself

13. And when he was hilariously observant.

Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @RichardAyoade

14. When he gave us this insight into his life.

Sometimes, when watching Dora and Friends: Into the City, I wonder whether I'm helping as much as they claim

15. When he had his priorities straight.

I think we should be focusing more on this S Club 7 news

16. When he wasn't afraid to gloat about his impressive skills.

17. And when he was, once again, the most meta movie reviewer.

I feel that the makers of the film 'Click' would appreciate the meta gesture of my fast forwarding through it.

18. When he critiqued the media in the best way.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @RichardAyoade

19. When he asked the important questions.

Can you be pro-punk but anti-spitting? Would love to hear stories from punk band members who loved the music but abhorred gobbing

20. When he revealed his true dreams and aspirations.

I wish! RT @tomcawley: @RichardAyoade Are you the voice of the lift at Regent's Park tube station?

21. And when he gave us this sage advice.

If you for some reason find yourself in a conversation, these phrases help -Huh.. -Could it be that… -Interesting... -I need the toilet...

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