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28 Pictures That Prove That Cats Will Sleep Literally Anywhere

Never wake the kitty.

1. Cats have a tendency to fall asleep on any and every surface other than the one designated to them.

2. But they are adorable and pure so we will go out of our way to not disturb their comfort.

Hattie Soykan / BuzzFeed

3. Cats will spend their whole lives experimenting to find the world's best sleeping place.

4. They love to curl up in sinks.

Twitter: @kevoliggg

You'll have to brush your teeth in the kitchen.

5. And sometimes they want to know what it's like to be trash.

Twitter: @RabidAntitheist

Cats are amazing and not at all trash.

6. They will happily sleep on a warm, fluffy dog.

Twitter: @IAHProducts

Whoever said cats and dogs can't be friends was lying.

7. And they're completely comfortable sleeping on a horse.

Twitter: @paige_wardd

Cats can be friends with every species on the planet because they are the most superior.

8. Cats will snuggle and sleep on top of another cat.

9. And it's even better if they are a cat sleeping on a cat on another cat.

10. Cats are renowned for sleeping in kitchens.

Hattie Soykan / BuzzFeed

Who can blame them?

11. They love to sleep in and on a fridge.

12. And they will curl up in a frying pan.

13. One of their favourite activities is napping in laundry baskets.

Twitter: @mmbtox

That isn’t clean, buddy!!

14. And snoozing in washing machines.

No, kitty, that's where the clothes go. You are a cat, you can clean yourself!

15. This cat probably thinks it built itself a bed by doing this puzzle on its own.

Hattie Soykan / BuzzFeed
Hattie Soykan / BuzzFeed

Let it believe what it wants to believe.

16. And this cat would like to be a fashion accessory.

Cats can be anything they want to be.

17. They will literally sleep anywhere, like on the last slice of pizza.

18. And on your dirty dishes.

Because sleeping infused in spaghetti is a dream come true.

19. Every cat loves to sleep on a laptop.

20. Literally every single one.

21. And cats hate doing homework even more than we do.

Twitter: @bryanna_paris

Cats should never have to worry about school.

22. Cats will make you cancel your BBQ.

Twitter: @JamminGames

The comfort of your cat is more important than your social life.

23. And sometimes they'll even fall asleep mid-journey.

24. Cats love to sleep on cars.

25. They will crawl into any nook that looks soft and sleep there.

The only acceptable reason to own Uggs.

26. And no cat will ever want to be left behind.

You have to take this cutie with you!

27. But the best thing of all is when a cat could sleep anywhere in the whole world...

28. And they choose to sleep on you.

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