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    24 Pictures That Prove Rami Malek Is Too Good And Pure

    Everyone's favourite handsome hacker.

    1. We all know and love Rami from Mr Robot.

    2. He's a part-time actor and a full-time bundle of joy.

    3. He's kind of strange at times.

    4. He literally holds up filming because he's too busy playing with puppies.

    5. He is mega relatable and antisocial.

    6. And he gives shoutouts to his mother on the red carpet.

    7. He loves to take pictures with Mr Robot posters.

    8. He makes it artsy and cool.

    9. And manages to seem just as excited every time.

    10. It's actually the best thing.

    11. He really, truly gets excited whenever he sees his name on things.

    12. His go-to red carpet pose is the peace sign.

    13. Which is clearly a great look for him.

    14. He's articulate AF and uses his platform to talk about issues that matter to him.

    15. He has the most adorable reaction to winning awards.

    16. Look how happy he is when he wins something.

    17. We should probably just give him all the awards to keep seeing him this happy.

    18. He talks about his struggle to assimilate as a kid.

    19. He made Elliot's signature hoodie a thing just by wearing his own hoodie to work all the time.

    20. He's actually the biggest dork.

    21. And when he smiles the sun shines just a little brighter.

    22. We all got ridiculously excited when we found out there are two of him.

    23. And they are the most adorably charming siblings.

    24. So now we can sleep a little better at night knowing there is good in the world.

    Thanks Rami!