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    23 Pictures That Prove Lizards Are Very Good Boys

    Geck(y)o-self a lizard.

    1. Lizards are nature's most majestic beast.

    2. They can be glam AF.

    3. Or kinda weird looking.

    4. But most importantly, they can be your very best friend.

    And a literal shoulder to cry on.

    5. Look at this chameleon whose talents know no bounds.

    6. And this gorgeous crocodile skink who fits in the palm of your hand.

    7. Many wild lizards are skittish around humans but some have a natural affinity for us.

    8. And depending on the species, they can live up to 20 years.

    Which is a blessing each and every day.

    9. Blue tongue skinks are great pets and actual beauties.

    10. But aside from their tongue, they're actually pretty defenceless.

    11. Check out this blue tongue skink celebrating his birthday.

    12. Geckos are also immensely cool.

    13. They can climb vertical surfaces and even walk across ceilings because of their badass toe pads.

    14. You can get regular-sized geckos.

    15. But you can also get tiny geckos.

    A gecko for every occasion.

    16. Iguanas, like this one, just want to hold your hand and support you.

    They have a tiny third eye on top of their heads, which can only detect changes in lightness and darkness, but is still eerily cool.

    17. They look broody and macho in a bad boy kinda way.

    18. Bearded dragons are the perfect companion if you like things that are good.

    19. And they can be beautifully glamorous when they want to be.

    20. You can find a friendly sidekick in a curly-tailed skink.

    21. Savannah monitors are one of the larger pet lizards, perhaps making them even better friends.

    22. And if you're a hardcore lizard lover, an intelligent pet tegu might be perfect for you.

    23. Lizards require a lot of care and looking after, but ultimately it's worth it.