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17 Relationships That Will Make You Say "Same"

*upside down in my desk chair* do you think stars have feelings?

1. When mush is not for you:

2. When you can't make decisions:

3. When this is your idea of dirty talk:

4. And when you take being competitive to the next level:

5. When you know what you want:

6. When you give personalised, heartfelt gifts:

7. And when you share your important discoveries:

8. When you need validation:

9. When you really like cats:

10. And when you ask important questions:

11. When you aren't known for your patience:

12. When you provide insight and stimulating conversation:

13. When you want love and affection:

14. And when you text at the same time:

15. When you go out of your way to fulfil their requests:

16. When you have your priorities straight:

17. And when you're kinda just making it up as you go: