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17 People Who Are Just Smarter Than You, Sorry

Watch and learn.

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1. The mum who made the most of the family dog:

Asked me mum if she could bring my charger down stairs, she replied "shout the dog"

3. The guy who lets nothing go to waste:

We're living in 2017. This guy is in 3017.


5. The inventor of these, for when you want to wear shoes without looking like you're wearing shoes:

7. The trick to getting dressed without getting makeup everywhere:

When u don't wanna get makeup your shirt

8. The revolutionary cereal bowl, for when you can't decide what you want:

did i jus do something? or like i'm late?


9. The dad who doesn't want to choose between food and phone call:

what is wrong with my dad? he taped his phone to his head so he can talk otp and eat

11. The gamers who changed the field with this innovative hack:

12. The pioneer who will never be hurt again:

Next time I step on Lego, I will simply get taller. I'm a bloody genius.


13. The genius who spruced up a water fountain:

Is this what private schools are like?

14. The game changing portable charger:

15. The reformed thinker who was sick of microwaving one bowl at a time:

Can't fit two bowls in the microwave at the same time? Challenge accepted and completed

16. The makeup blogger who had to improvise:

17. And the wine lover who eradicated the need for glasses forever:

And this is why I believe I should be the next president of the United States of America.