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    17 Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About "BoJack Horseman"

    You shouldn't be skipping the opening credits.

    1. The show's theme song was never intended to go anywhere or be on the show โ€“ it was recorded by Black Key's drummer, Patrick Carney, just to test out the his equipment at his home studio.


    The show's executive producer was a huge Black Keys fan and reached out to Carney to see if he'd want to put together an opening credit. Carney sent him the track he'd been working on and it immediately clicked that it was right for the show.

    2. The opening credits change to match the theme of each season โ€“ in Season 2 the background includes the set of Secretariat, in Season 3 it includes the red carpet for the movie premiere.


    Minor details of the opening credits also change to reflect any instances that occur on the show. Princess Carolyn disappears from the credits when BoJack fires her, The Hollywood sign becomes Hollywoo, BoJack's bed has to be propped up after Todd breaks it, and Sarah-Lynn is removed from the credits after her death.

    3. In season 4 each episode's opening credits change to reflect the nature of his relationships at that point in time.


    His house is a shattered mess at one point, then it somewhat resembles a family, until they later disappear again.

    4. The show's creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg and production designer Lisa Hanawalt have been friends since high school and they'd often joke about what their TV show would look like if they had one.

    5. They've designed characters based on their former high-school classmates.


    Bob-Waksberg once approached Hanawalt and said "Oh, do you remember that girl who was in our English class senior year of high school? Draw her, but as a dolphin." And Sextina Aquafina was born.

    6. Unlike most animated shows, there is a table read for every episode, allowing the actors to interact with each other.

    Paul F. Tompkins / Via

    7. The inspiration for the show came from the drawings of animal heads on human bodies Hanawalt had been doing for years.

    8. When real-life public figures are written on the show, they are usually asked to voice their fictionalized characters.

    Netflix, Getty Images

    The list is endless and includes Naomi Watts, Jessica Biel, Zach Braff, and Sir Mix-A-Lot. Even Paul McCartney voices his Hollywoo alter ego.

    9. If a celebrity is offered to voice themselves and they say no, their namesake will often end up being rewritten to be a little meaner than if they'd say yes, or they'll suffer a cruel fate.


    If Andrew Garfield had agreed to voice himself, he wouldn't have ended up falling in a hole and breaking every bone in his body.

    10. The change in the tone midway through the first season was so drastic, it resulted in IndieWire changing its policy to only review entire seasons of shows on Netflix for a fairer rating.


    Critics usually write reviews after just watching a couple episodes, so the show ended up with more negative reviews than it would have otherwise.

    11. Will Arnett has admitted that because BoJack is often so dark, it has been the hardest role of his career to get inside.

    Rolling Stone Mexico / YouTube / Via, Netflix

    He's said "it is a show about depression: sometimes I take that with me," and has jokingly threatened to stick creator Bob-Waksberg with his therapy bill.

    12. Netflix created a 90s themed acting website for BoJack, which even autoplays the Horsin' Around theme song.


    It also has a horse for a cursor and a celebrity-packed photo gallery.

    13. The Zoe or Zelda dichotomy is based on an observation the creator had about Tia and Tamera's opposite personalities on Sister, Sister and how you can assign your friends to ~being~ one or the other.


    14. Daniel Radcliffe was not originally written into the script, the character at the time was just written as "Major Celebrity". Radcliffe ended up getting the role because he's a huge fan of the show.


    He recorded his lines over the phone from England and told Bob-Waksberg, "Iโ€™ve seen every version of a Harry Potter joke and you guys wrote my favourite."

    15. It was decided early on that all animals on the show would be animal-people and no one would have pets. Until a joke about a cow waitress serving steak was written, there was supposed to be a no meat-eating rule, too.


    Writing that joke meant agreeing they'd have to do an episode explaining where meat comes from, and so the slightly horrifying chicken episode was born.

    16. The characters' clothes are deliberately chosen to define their personality, and some outfits are inspired by things celebrities have worn in real life.

    Netflix, Getty Images

    Princess Carolyn who obviously follows the industry, has worn dresses originally seen on Katy Perry and Rihanna. Meanwhile, Diane was stylistically inspired by Daria, despite the similar jackets being a coincidence.

    17. While pitching BoJack Horseman, Bob-Waksberg was told there were already too many shows about Hollywood, and people were sick of them, so he rewrote it as a pitch for a show about a washed-up racehorse.


    It ended up going in circles until settling back on the Hollywood angle, because it seemed like the best way to capture the imagery of a mutual feeling of glamour and loneliness.

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