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    21 Jokes That Every Girl Who Likes Girls Will Find Funny

    "Why do straight people even need dating apps? Don't they meet each other at grocery stores?"

    1. This familiar coming out story:

    2. This realistic karaoke scene:

    3. This uncomfortable moment:

    4. This simple request:

    5. This struggle of LGBT dating:

    6. This innovative idea:

    7. This revolutionary exchange:

    8. This closeted moment:

    9. This overwhelmingly proud experience:

    10. This internal struggle:

    11. This fair observation:

    12. This wholesome meme comparison:

    13. This familiar annoyance:

    14. This scientific explanation:

    15. This intriguing headline:

    16. This lonely observation:

    17. This moving poem:

    18. This identity crisis:

    19. This rather quick escalation:

    20. This articulate scholarly confirmation:

    21. And this instinctive response: