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    26 Ironic Pictures That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    "Texting while driving kills. For more driving tips, text 'SAFETY' to 79191."

    1. This carefully planned building sign.

    trevonator126 / Via

    2. This moment when Staples was out of staples.

    speed501 / Via

    3. And this taped-up "no tape" sign.

    4. This reminder that nothing is forever.

    ChiefLoveTree / Via

    5. This book for people who can't afford it.

    FinallyWhereIBelong / Via

    6. This self-advertising disaster.

    themostbadasshusbandfather / Via

    7. And this man who screams, "Do as I say, not as I do."

    jfb1337 / Via

    8. This sign about "fresh" frozen foods.

    Cormie / Via

    9. This questionable statement.

    atmospheric / Via

    10. This card for 2-year-olds who have to wait until they're 3 years old to receive it.

    11. This dog who just couldn't take the pressure.

    12. And this dog who just wasted money.

    13. This rather unfortunate sign.

    marstonj / Via

    14. This picture of the creator of the smiley face.

    15. And this anxiety-inducing disaster.

    amerxp00 / Via

    16. This lorry that tried to stick to its word.

    17. This questionable take on minimalism.

    18. This store that speaks for itself.

    amerxp00 / Via

    19. This statement license plate.

    20. This not-so-well-done job.

    crow-bot / Via

    21. And this unfortunate misspelling.

    jackooman / Via

    22. This package opener that would be useful to get it out of its own packaging.

    EnterGreenGoose / Via

    23. This questionable reminder.

    24. And this self-defying announcement.


    25. This very clever campaign.

    26. And finally, this cake that practically mocks itself.

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