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19 Moon Tattoos That Are Actually Works Of Art

From the sky to your skin.

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1. This beautiful faded landscape.

Zhang Yun / Via Instagram: @mimimowmow

2. This gorgeous tarot ink.

3. And this mesmerising, intricate tattoo.

5. These elegant floral crescent. / Via

6. This intricate adventurous tattoo.

7. And this otherworldly art piece.

8. This visually stunning print.

9. This bold, vibrant piece.

Dennis Siwek / Via Instagram: @emberslane

10. This hypnotic mountainscape.

11. And these classic moon phases.

12. This calming wolf and moon piece.

13. This colourful cosmic ink.

Sarah Wood / Via Instagram: @prideandglorystudio

14. This tasteful watercolour.

15. This wonderfully detailed print.

16. This cute, pastel moon ink.

17. This elegant, bohemian moon piece.

David Hodges / Via Instagram: @hodges_art

18. This adorable crescent. / Via

19. And this beautifully intricate castle masterpiece.