17 Times "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" Was Funnier Than We Remember


    1. When Salem got busy online:

    2. When Granny May was briefly suspicious:

    3. When Sabrina felt like an average teenage girl:

    4. When Salem was impossible to refuse:

    5. When Sabrina learned an important reality of life:

    6. When Aunt Zelda offered this insight into adulthood:

    7. When the ladies wondered why their task seemed endless:

    8. When Sabrina preached a universal truth:

    9. When Salem was rightfully offended:

    10. When Harvey wasn't quite in on the whole magic thing:

    11. When Salem was kind of a fuckboy:

    12. When a mortal's idea of magic was this:

    13. When Salem's eating habits sounded eerily familiar:

    14. When Salem had the best Christmas ever:

    15. When Aunt Hilda was her own Valentine:

    16. When Salem faced the ultimate feline struggle:

    17. When Salem learned about the value of money:

    18. And when Sabrina was super sly about her magical abilities: